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Historic Uptown Apartments

Chicago, IL
  • exterior 4426 Magnolia
  • N Clifton exterior
  • N Magnolia exterior and walk way
  • N Magnolia courtyard and seating area
  • Mural on 852-4 Sunnyside
  • exterior 927 Wilson
  • Exterior Winthrop
Deal Type: 
Preservation Acquisition
Acquisition Date: 
Number of Units: 

The Historic Uptown Apartments, comprise 4 affordable properties with 192 rental apartments, were acquired by POAH in 2020 from the Chicago Community Development Corporation (CCDC) in this fast-appreciating Chicago neighborhoods.

The Uptown properties provide 192 affordable apartments in 11 buildings for individuals and families.  This acquisition will ensure that these properties remain affordable long into the future despite significant gentrification pressures in the neighborhood.

The properties include a mix of rent-subsidy-supported apartments (such as Section 8) and more traditional affordable apartments.  The properties include fitness areas, computer labs, site security and laundry facilities.

Voice of the People in Uptown, a long-standing community organization and neighborhood anchor that initially developed the properties, will continue to be a co-owner with POAH in the properties. As part of that partnership, Voice will also provide resident and community engagement services and POAH and Voice will work together to provide services and programming for residents focused on access to quality food, healthy living, financial stability, and community engagement. These programs will be modeled after the services POAH provides at its other properties, including the Woodlawn Resource Center in Chicago.

The acquisition expands POAH’s footprint in and around the Chicago area to more than 2,000 affordable apartments the nonprofit has developed or acquired and now manages since 2008.  It also comes only one year after POAH expanded to Harvey, Elgin, and Chicago’s Austin, Roseland, South Chicago, and Grand Boulevard neighborhoods.  POAH now owns and manages properties in 10 Chicago neighborhoods and two suburbs.

Historic Uptown Apartments Addresses:

Uptown Preservation Associates, 4431 N. Clifton, 900 W. Windsor, 927 W. Wilson, (77) total units

Clifton Magnolia, 4416-4422 N. Clifton, 4416-26 N Magnolia (59) units

Hazel Winthrop, 4426-4428 N. Magnolia, 852-854 W. Sunnyside, 4813-4815 N. Winthrop,

912-914 W. Montrose, (30) units

Sunnyside Kenmore, 847-849 W. Sunnyside, 4130 N. Kenmore (26) units


Project Partners

  • Chicago Community Development Corporation (CCDC)
  • Voice of the People
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA)
  • City of Chicago
  • Benefit Chicago
  • Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Chicago Housing Authority

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