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City Commission Approves Garfield Green Affordable Housing To ‘Counteract Pressures Of Displacement’ In East Garfield Park

February 22, 2022


EAST GARFIELD PARK — An affordable housing development is coming to an area of East Garfield Park with abundant public transit options to “counteract the pressures of displacement” in the changing neighborhood, a developer said.

Tentatively called the Garfield Green, the affordable housing project plans to build on the positive impacts of nearby large developments, such as the Garfield Park Community Eco-Orchard and the Hatchery Chicago, a food business incubator opened in 2019. Residents can get involved to decide the project’s final name, interior design and the look of public art at the site by emailing

As the community develops, the availability of affordable housing and community-owned retail opportunities at the Garfield Green site will keep residents from being displaced, said Roberto Requejo, executive director of Elevated Chicago, a partner on the project.

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